Washing Roller Sheetfed Offset Printing
Böttcher-Grades Hardness in Shore A
901 15 15
905 25 25
909 35 35
331 35 35
Absolutely constant geometry and long life
Depending on the design of the washing unit, the cleaning roller either presses a cloth evenly across the whole width of the printing blanket or applies a finely-dosed film of washing solution onto the blanket cylinder. It comes into contact with a wide variety of cleaning agents and is continuously exposed to alternate phases of washing and drying, often with extremely aggressive solvents.

To cope with these different demands, roller coverings have been developed by Böttcher in three different hardnesses and with different chemical properties. Com-mon to all compounds is a long life and high resistance to solvents for conventional offset inks.

Despite the extreme chemical demands resulting from permanent contact with cleaning agents, the rollers maintain excellent dimensional stability throughout their productive life.
In UV printing special inks and cleaning agents are used that from the chemical point of view are completely different from conventional solvents. The grades 901 15, 905 25 and 909 35 are not resistant to UV washing agents. They should not be used in UV printing.

The quality 331 35 - the successor to our compound 909 35 - is the optimum solution for UV printing. This grade is dimensional stable both with conventional and UV inks, even after long use.