Polyamid Covered, Hard Distributor Rollers
Böttcher-Grades Hardness in Shore A
769 00 75
Colour grey-transparent
Metered Ink Film
In offset printing, the ink rollers have to apply a thin film of ink in a certain dosage to the printing plate. Therefore, particularly high demands are applied to metering rollers. The Rilsan-Roller by Böttcher meets all these requirements.
Excellent Ink Receptiveness
Due to their chemical composition, Rilsan-Rollers are characterised by a distinctly favourable behaviour towards ink. This characteristic warrants good ink recipient and ink delivery behaviour and thus a defined transport of ink to the printing plate. These characteristics remain unaltered of course, when UV-inks are used.
Precise, Sophisticated Manufacture
For the purpose of achieving the best possible surface for Rilsan-Rollers, specialised, ultra-modern surface machining equipment is available. This is the only way to achieve particularly high standards with regard to surface roughness, concentricity and cylindricity.
Concentricity: 0.01 mm
Cylindricity: 0.01 mm
Resistance List
resistant against:
Oil, petrol, hydro-
Esters, ketones

not resistant against:
Concentrated mineral acids
hydrocarbons (CFC)
Profiles for Better Ink Transfer
The favourable characteristics of Rilsan-Rollers can be even increased by producing special profiles, such as diamond or line profiles, grooves. Additionally, Rilsan is also suitable for laser and mechanical engraving. It is also possible to manufacture screen rollers for flexographic printing.
Long Service Life
Due to their high ageing stability and excellent resistance against abrasion, combined with very good adhesion to the metal core, Rilsan-Rollers have a very high service life.
Chemical Resistance
Rilsan-Rollers excel with outstanding resistance against contact media. This offers considerable advantages as compared to copper rollers: no oxidation when coming into touch with contact media; no change in the roller surface qualities.
Rilsan is suitable as ink transfer roller and ink metering roller for:

Sheetfed offset
(e. g. Heidelberg, MAN Roland, Koenig & Bauer, Planeta, Miller, Adast, Mitsubishi)

Web offset
(e. g. Heidelberg, MAN Roland, Koenig & Bauer, WIFAG, Goss)

Forms printing
(e. g. Müller-Martini, Giebeler, Goebel)

Continuous form printing
(e. g. Müller-Martini, Giebeler, Goebel)

Tube printing
(e. g. OMSO, Hinterkopf, van Dam)