Web Offset Inking Roller Mixed Mode Printing
Compound Hardness Shore A
471 38
375 38
Ink form roller
Distributor roller
Good resistance to chemically differing UV inks and conventional oil based printing inks
Very good geometrical and hardness stabilities
Very good dynamic properties. Particularly suitable also for the fastest high-speed web offset presses
High ageing resistance

Complimentary resistance test of inks and washing agents is recommended
OEM compound in new press installations of Goss and MAN Roland

Initial operation with UV inks is possible. No „running-in“ with conventional inks required
Perfect synthesis of chemical resistance and dynamic properties, therefore ideal combination for mixed mode printing in web offset
Reduced ink misting through reduced haet build-up of printing rollers and inks
Reduced expenditure for roller setting
Good washability
Stable print process