Specialised Printing Rollers
Böttcher is the world’s leader in press roller technology. Within the offset and newspaper printing industry, Böttcher’s advanced rubber compounds are well known for producing superior printing results and for running longer without needing roller adjustments.

Most Böttcher rollers are delivered “press ready” with new factory installed bearings and spacers. And, they are always manufactured to the high tolerances and specifications of the original equipment manufacturer.
For the digital printing industry, Böttcher’s award-winning R&D team continues to develop rollers to withstand the special demands of electrostatic and heat-transfer technologies. In addition, Böttcher has developed an advanced line of press chemicals formulated to extend the life and print quality.

Böttcher innovates with service too: for offset presses, the Böttcher roller exchange program delivers rollers to your doorstep in the shortest possible time.