Bottcherin 60 F Web
Cleaning Agent for Rollers and Blankets

Suitable for use in automatic cleaning units in newspaper presses, specifically designed for use in filtration systems.

Böttcherin 60-F WEB is developed for recycling after having passed a filtration unit. For this reason, a particular medium ensures that the emulsion from water and Böttcherin 60-F WEB will totally separate after a short time.
based on aliphatic hydrocarbons
flash point > 62 °C
temporarily water miscible, free of aromatics, corrosion inhibited
very good wetting of brush rollers, therefore no spraying during
cleaning process
emulsifying performance designed for washing units (esp. Rotoclean)
increased cleaning effect
designed for use in filtration systems, effective particularly in
newspaper presses
low evaporation and high washing performance
environment friendly

Do not contaminate with white spirit or other washes or press room chemicals, if using in filtration systems. Use pre-filtering of return waste if excessive paper dust is present. For effective filtration, ensure minimum environment temperature is above 20 °C.

Regularly clean the circulation systems to reduce algae build up. Use BöttcherPro Calcit as a rehardener for RO and soft water.

Böttcherin 60-F WEB is approved by MAN, Koenig & Bauer, Technotrans and Rotoclean for use in their machines.

200 liter barrel
1.000 liter container

Böttcherin 60-F WEB classified and marked in accordance with EC - Directive 1999/45/EC - in its latest version. Böttcherin 60-F WEB is not a dangerous good in the sense of national and international transport regulations.