IPA / IPA Special
A 50% reduction of IPA concentration of 10 t0 15 % (vol.) in dampening water still in common use today to 6 to 8 % (vol.) makes an important contribution to the reduction of IPA emissions into the air. The impact on emissions achieved by further reduction of the alcohol concentration to < 5% is significantly lower.

Emulsifying graphs by Surland

unlimited water pick-up leads to increase of dot gain, toning and unequally printed areas
very fast ink-water balance, therefore sharp dot and fast start-up of plates
poor water pick-up leads to bad ink transfer, decrease of ink density, to sharp dot gain and partly blinding of the plate
Isopropyl Alcohol  
Used in sheetfed / web fed printing industry:

Used as a dampening additive in alcohol dampening unit and reduces surface tension
It increases fountain solution transport to inking plate and inking unit.
Increases viscocity of fountain solution.
Faster wetting of plate .
Less ink build up on dampening rollers.
Cooling effect in the press / chiller unit because of evaporation.
Used as Thinner, Disinfactant, DE-ICING etc.  
Standard dosage for Priniting Industry 5 -15 % and for other Industry as per the requirement
Flash point 12 ºC
Ignition temp 425 ºC
Density 0,785 gm / cm³
Solubility in water - Missible in all proportion

Safety Measures:  
Use appropriate container to avoid environmental contamination
Do not discharge into drains or water and donot store on public depositories
If swollowed induce vomiting , seek medical advice
Repeat and prolonged skin contact may cause removal of natural fat from skin and irritatiion of the skin