Bottcherin 80
Cleaning Agent for Rollers and Blankets

Cleaning agent for blankets and rollers. It is sui-table for both manual cleaning and use in automatic washing systems. Particularly suitable for use in newspaper printing.
based on aliphatic hydrocarbons
high flash point, therefore easier storage
water miscible, free of aromatics, corrosion inhibited
increased cleaning effect
very slow evaporation
due to highly effective emulsifying system, increased wetting of the surfaces
to be removed with water, leaving no residue
reduces stick of paper web on blanket
VOC-free (according to VOC guidelines of Switzerland as well)

We recommend setting the washing system to optimise the cleaning cycle and Böttcherin 80 performance. In case of manual cleaning, use Böttcherin 80 undiluted or mixed with water. Apply the wash to the blanket or roller, then finally rinse with water until all ink and cleaning agent residues have been removed.

Follow the automatic washing system manufacturers’ operating instructions. If manual cleaning with a hand rag, wear protective gloves during application, follow all press safety instructions.

Böttcherin 80 is approved by the manufacturers Heidelberg, MAN, Koenig & Bauer, Baldwin, Oxy-Dry and WIFAG for use in their machines.

30 liter can
200 liter barrel
1000 liter container

Böttcherin 80 is classified and marked in accordance with EC - Directive 1999/45/EC - in its latest version. Böttcherin 80 is not a dangerous good in the sense of national and international transport regulations.