S 3012
Fountain solution additive for a broad range of applications at a standard alcohol concentration of 6 - 8% (vol.). Ideally suited for presses with copper rollers. In solutions with a concentration of 2.5 - 3%, it can be used for Modrate to hard water.
Fountain Solution Additive

BöttcherFount S-3012 is a fountain solution additive for sheet-fed offset/Webfed/Heatset. For Modrate to hard water.
standard dosage 2 - 3 %
for IPA-reduction to 6 - 8 %
very stable ink-/water balance
reduced and stable water pick up of the ink, therefore higher ink densities obtained
fast restarts and stable printing for long runs
for conventional and film dampening systems
good printing plate protection
for water hardness 8 - 25° dH (total hardness)
pH-value 4.9 - 5.2 (according to water hardness)
suitable for UV printing as well
effective prevention of foam
increased conductivity per % input: 480 μS/cm
density 1.05 (kg/l)

Before applying BöttcherFount S-3012, the fountain system must be completely emptied and cleaned thoroughly, preferably using BöttcherPro Hydroclean.

Use BöttcherPro Calcit as a re-hardener for Ro and Modrate to Hard Water.

30 kg can
200 kg barrel

BöttcherFount S-3012 is classified and marked in accordance with ECDirective 1999/45/EC - in its latest version. BöttcherFount S-3012 is not a dangerous good in the sense of national and international transport regulations.