Dampening Roller Small Offset Sheetfed / Web Offset Printing
Böttcher-Grades Hardness in Shore A
279 30 30
379 35 35
479 40 40
423 58 58
573 58 58
523 68 68
221 00 100
806 00 100
134 25
Metered dampening film
In offset printing, the dampening roller has to transfer a metered quantity of an even dampening film to the printing plate.
Specially developed rubber compounds
Various special roller coverings have been developed for the dampening rollers in small-format sheet-offset printing, e. g. in direct continuous flow. Coverings suitable for any type of dampening unit can be supplied. These rollers can cope with dampening solution requirements which vary from print-run to print-run.

These coverings, with their highly-developed surface structures and hydro-philic nature, ensure a wide range of control of the fountain solution. Long prin-ting periods are no problem with these rollers.
Cooperation with machine manufac-turers
As to achieve the best operational safety for the different types of dampening systems and for the different roller positions, these rollers are supplied with individual surface structures and with different hardnesses.

In joint research with the machine manu-facturers, the most efficient surface struc-ture combined with roller hardness has been developed to maximise the perfor-mance of each roller position in each type of dampening system.
Rapid ink/water balance
Optimised roller design enables the ink/water balance to be obtained as quickly as possible at the start of printing and after stops. The start-up waste is reduced to a minimum.