FR 1000
Dampening roller cleaner for occasional cleaning of continuous-feed dampening units when ink deposits accumulate on pan and meter rollers. The product is free of acetone and not water-miscible. Does not accumulate in dampening water or circulation system. (Flash point < 21° C)
Dampening Roller Cleaner

The dampening characteristics of modern continuous dampening units depend on the surface of the dampening rollers and on their cleanliness. Especially in alcohol reduced printing, there is an increased build up of ink on the dampening rollers which desensitizes their surfaces reducing their hydrophilic nature.

Böttcherin FR-1000 is a special wash for removal of ink build-up on dampening pan rollers or dampening metering rollers in continuous dampening systems.
easily applicable because of user friendly 1-l-metal container
high ink dissolving power
no accumulation in the dampening water
no residues after drying process
fast evaporating
fast wetting of dampening rollers after cleaning
free of aromatics and of acetone

Depending on the degree of dirtying, the dampening rollers should be cleaned occasionally with Böttcherin FR-1000.

With the press stationary, apply Böttcherin FR-1000 with a cloth on the dampening rollers and wipe clean.

Wear protective gloves during application. Follow all press safety procedures.

1 liter bottle
10 liter can

Böttcherin FR-1000 is classified and marked in accordance with EC - Directive 1999/45/EC - in its latest version.