Flexo and Rotogravure
Flexo / Sleeves
Technical Guide
Basic Principles of Sleeve Systems
Sleeve technology has been used to an increasing extent in a wide range of graphic and technical applications during the past several years. The technology offers a number of advantages:

Elastomer roller coverings can be changed quickly.
Different working widths/offset dimensions can be realized on a single core.
Fewer additional cores are needed for a given press (lower investment costs).
Low Sleeve weight facilitates handling.
Only Sleeves are transported; metal mandrels and rollers remain in place.
Storage of covered press roller cores is no longer necessary.
Less warehouse space is required, as sleeves can be stored vertically.
Built for the extreme. The impression cylinder in new, faster and wider gravure presses must hold up under enormous loads. Impression roll coverings are therefore designed for durability in extreme working conditions. But Bottcher impression cylinder coverings can do even more. Our sophisticated materials, with outstanding elastic properties, also reduce heat build-up. We achieve consistently reproducible electromechanical characteristics by developing unique material combinations. And we back that up with a fast, reliable delivery service-all over the world.