For example, escalator handrails require a similar flexibility and durability as printer rollers. Böttcher’s innovative new product, TechGrip, is a breakthrough in handrail technology. TechGrip combines new, specially-developed compounds with an improved sectional profile to build the most advance handrail system.

TechGrip handrails are extremely resistant to aging and ozone corrosion, and they operate longer without cracking or slipping. The use of high-quality elastomers reduces internal dynamic heating, and a low-friction slider requires less energy to operate. An innovative positioning of the fabric structures in the TechGrip handrail gives a new level of longitudinal flexibility and maximum dimensional stability, which helps the handrail preserve it’s shape and avoids accidental detachment.

And Böttcher TechGrip handrails are beautiful, with a glossy finish. Böttcher handrails look better, last longer, and have fewer breakdowns.
The function of the Rubber Cover is to withstand environmental exposure without cracking and to do so while looking good, feeling good to the touch, being flexible enough to bend through the drive wheel and and being durable enough to withstand the pressure of the drive rollers.

Handrail is a very complex product. It is essentially a rubber product that must be both extremely flexible and extremely rigid at the same time. It must be able to bend forwards and backwards as it passes through the drive but remain steady in its length, strong enough not to snap, and absolutely rigid in its profile. All the components within the handrail that preserve flexibility and rigidity must be cured together in a way that ensures the components stay together while in use on the application.

At the same time, the handrail face, crown, and shoulders must remain smooth and clean. With the introduction of the glass balustrade escalator, escalator handrails underwent even more strenuous demands. Drive components moved down into the unit, giving less room for the handrail to curve around the drive wheel. This severe reverse bend not only made the steel tape stretch inhibitor obsolete, but because of the new stress on the inner components, it also reduced the average handrail life by as much as 80%. The industry needed a new handrail, a handrail that could withstand the flexing of a severe reverse bend drive system yet hold its dimensions. The Böttcher Company met this challenge through the development of a handrail product that was long lasting, extremely flexible, did not stretch or shrink in length, and had lip dimensions that did not grow or shrink.

Security, service and design aspects determine the job profile of Böttcher TechGrip®-handrails and thus ask for the optimum material quality. In escalators and moving walkways the flexible endless profile band, which runs synchronically with the steps or the plate band, secures the passenger transport.

TechGrip®-handrails are manufactured using a production process developed by Böttcher without intermediate transport or storage phases, the use of modern networked control units reduces individual process interventions to a minimum. A high degree of reproducibility and zero-error orientation are ensured.

Another benefit to the escalator industry is the short production time achieved with the "online production system", which provides for flexible, reliable response to customers' delivery deadlines.

TechGrip®-handrails are highly resistant to ageing and ozone. Their rubber surface shines and goes on shining through a combination of elastomer components from the ISO-9001-certified rubber mixing facility in reproducible quality. New weave constructions guarantee an optimum of longitudinal flexibility coupled with excellent form stability and C-cross section rigidity. Other plus points are the energy saving low inner dynamic heat generation, redesigned lips with total freedom from weave on the outside and a rubber-free glide bearing as lateral guide function.

Excellent straight-line travel of handrail and continuous-loop joint complete the overall picture:

Functional, safe and presented in a visually appealing design.