Inking Rollers For Semi-Commercial Applications
Compound Hardness Shore A
304 35
Ink form roller
Distributor roller
Best chemical resistance to extremely shrink-inducing coldset inks
Very good geometrical and hardness stabilities
Very good dynamic properties. Particularly suitable also for the fastest high-speed web offset presses
High ageing resistance
Good washability

Complimentary resistance test is recommended
OEM compound in new press installations of Koenig & Bauer and MAN Roland

Innovative synthesis of unrivalled shrink resistance and outstanding dynamic properties
The "top" solution in case of roller problems resulting from shrink inducing printing inks and chemicals
Even print stripe – no “flaring“ at the roller ends
Contributes to reduction of ink misting through reduced heat build-up of printing rollers and inks
Very high service life
  Reduced expenditure for roller setting
  Reduction of the forces in the roller nip
  More constant print conditions