EG - 60
Slow drying deglazer and rejuvenating agent for removal of dried ink residues and dirt deposits on printing blankets and rollers; good material compatibility with blankets and rollers. (Flash point > 60° C).

Böttcherin EG-60 is a special wash for deglazing blankets and rollers. Applied manually, Böttcherin EG-60 removes even solid, deep ink residues.
high ink dissolving performance
cleans pores of blanket and roller surface
removes glazing of printing blankets and rollers
extends the cleaning periods and shortens lead times
reduced consumption due to slow evaporation
flash point > 62 °C
free of aromatics
short-time water miscible

Böttcherin EG-60 should be applied to a cleaning rag and then wiped intensively over the blanket surface. The blanket should then be rinsed with water.

For cleaning the roller Böttcherin EG-60 should be applied to the roller with the machine running slowly. The roller should then be rinsed with water. Repeat, if residues are considerable.

Wear protective gloves during application.

Böttcherin EG-60 is approved by the manufacturer Heidelberg for use in their machines.

30 liter can
200 liter barrel

Böttcherin EG-60 is classified and marked in accordance with EC - Directive 1999/45/EC - in its latest version. Böttcherin EG-60 is not a dangerous good in the sense of national and international transport regulations.