Blanket 7400
The advantages of a soft and a hard blanket combined in one and the same product
Micro-ground and polished printing surface, controlled roughness 0.8-1.1m Sharp and crisp halftones
Full dots, dense and well-spread solids
Optimum ink cover on all paper grades (coated, uncoated, LWC)
Excellent web and sheet release (Quick Release)
Original surface rubber blend using different types of polymers Controlled swelling in dual-purpose and hybrid applications (conventional, UV and hybrid inks and washes)
Reduced ink piling
No fabric between printing surface and first compressible layer No surface rubber delamination
No sinking at the gap, miximum print length
Excellent resistance to excess-pressure (wrap-arounds double/folded sheets, web changes, format changes, etc)
Handles uneven substrates and thickness variations in substrates with ease
Two compressible layers Excellent resistance to excess-pressure (wrap-arounds, double/folded sheets, web changes, format changes, etc)
Compensates for mechanical shortcomings such as cylinder bounce (streaks), press specific vibrations and press wear
Low tendency for heat-built-up (great stability of the ink/water balance, no surface delamination)
Two different technologies of compressible layers: microspheres (1st)/ pressurized voids (2nd) Low energy loss in time, extended service life
Instant recovery after every nip
Two fabric plies only Minimum gauge loss

Presses Heatset, Coldset and Sheetfed
Packing height Conform to OEM recommendations
Substrates Paper and carton
Inks Most types( including UV and hydrid)
Wash-up solvents Most types(including UV and hybrid)
Overall hardness 78 Shore A
Tensile strength >3550N/50mm
Elongation at 500N/50mm <2%
Gauge loss at tensioning and running in <2% )
Indentation at 100N/cm 0.13mm (6.6%)
Indentation at 200N/cm 0.21mm (10.7%)
Fabric plies 2
Compressible layer Microspheres + pressurized voids
Identification lines None
Nominal gauge 1.96mm (+/-0.02mm)
Gauge uniformity per blanket of max. 1SQM +/-0.015mm
Colour Blue
Finish Ground and polished
Roughness(Ra) 0.8-1.1m
Micro-hardness 62 Shore A