Offset Printing Rollers
Böttcher manufactures the highest quality press rollers for the leading sheet fed and web presses. Using superior rubber compounds, our printing rollers deliver excellent print results and last longer.

The initial cost of Böttcher rollers may be more, but Böttcher rollers save more money over time than any other roller on the market. They have a longer service life and don’t have to be replaced as often. They retain their velvety nap longer and resist glazing. They hold their shape and don’t shrink, so less time is spent resetting, thus reducing downtime and operating costs. Böttcher rollers run for millions impressions before they need to be replaced.

Böttcher’s quality has long been recognized by press manufacturers, including Heidelberg, Komori, Man Roland, Mitsubishi, KBA and others who specify Böttcher rollers for their new presses. They know they can trust Böttcher rollers to meet OEM specifications, matching the required core weights, hardness, and wall thickness. In lesser rollers where core weights and wall thickness are not correct, the core may flex at high speeds and lead to color variation. Böttcher rollers are made to OEM specifications.

Böttcher rollers are press ready. This means they are fitted in our factory with new bearings so you are assured properly aligned rollers. Take them out of the box and put them directly on your press. Most importantly, you get excellent and consistent printing results with Böttcher rollers-precise and even transfer of ink and fountain solutions-with fewer adjustments. You will be able to keep the presses running longer with optimum printing results by using Böttcher rollers on your offset presses.