Hickey Picker Roller Sheetfed Offset Printing
Böttcher-Grades Hardness in Shore A
775 50 50
Hydrophilic rubber compounds
Dampening rollers in printing machines have to transport an even and continuous dampening film onto the printing plate.

To ensure an optimised transfer of fountain solution Böttcher has developed specia-lised rubber grades for dampening rollers. When printing with IPA, these hydrophilic compounds ensure a wide range of foun-tain solution control and less ink feed-back resulting in even printing conditions.
Cooperation with machine manufacturers
To provide a maximum operation security, different rubber compounds, with individual fitted surfaces and hardness grades, have been developed for each dampening unit design and roller position. The optimised qualities have been worked out in close cooperation with the machine manu-facturers.
Rapid ink/water balance
Optimized roller design enable ink/water balance to be obtained as quickly as possible at the start of printing and after stoppages. The start-up waste is reduced to a minimum.
Stable printing run
In the print run, this compatible design gives stable, controllable characteristics.
Reduced-alcohol dampening solution
The maximum compatibility with the damp-ening unit as well as the hydrophilic properties of the rubber coverings make a certain reduction of alcohol possible, even with these rollers.

Nevertheless, be informed that the Böttcher grades 124 and 244/249 are specially designed rubber compounds for alcohol-reduced respectively alcohol-free printing to achieve the best results.