Blanket 5600
B÷ttcherTop Newspaper blanket 5600
Designed for 4-high and 10-cylinder satellite presses
Features Benefits
Hydrophilic and micro-ground printing surface, controlled roughness 1.5-1.8 µm Crisp halftones, full dots, dense and well spread solids
Reduced ink and paper dust piling resulting from optimum water distribution
Minimum plate abrasion/wear (also when CTP-plates are used)
High compressibility resulting from 3-ply / 4-ply construction and high content of closed cells Neutral web feed properties (True-Rolling)
Excellent resistance to excess-pressure (wrap-arounds, web changes, etc. )
Low tendency for heat-build up (great stability of the ink/water balance, no surface delamination )
Compensates for mechanical shortcomings such as cylinder bounce (streaks), press specific vibrations and press wear
High stability carcass manufactured from pre-stretched and multi-calendered fabrics Minimum residual elongation
Controlled gauge loss
Blankets and plates stay longer clean
Consistant web feed
No divergency /gapping (paper creasing)
Highly saturated fabrics Reduced water/solvent penetration, even when running half webs
Fabrics carefully selected to work together No break at the gap
Presses News paper webs Color Blue / Green
Packing height Conformable to OEM recomendations Finish Ground and polished
Substrates  News print Roughness (Ra) 1.5-1.8 µm
Inks Conventional & vegetable oil based    
Wash-up solvents Conventional, low VOC, VOC-free Micro-hardness 53° Shore A
Fabric Plies 3 Overall hardness 78° Shore A
Compressible layer Closed cells Tensile strength > 3550 N/50 mm
Identification lines 2 X blue Elongation at 500 N/50 mm < 2 %
    Gauge loss at tensioning and running in < 2 %
    Indentation at 100 N/cm2 0.15mm (7.7%)
    Indentation at 200 N/cm2 0.25mm (12.8%)
    Nominal gauge 1.96mm (+/- 0.02mm)
    Gauge uniformity per blanket of max. 1m2 +/- 0.015mm