Dampening Rollers For Semi-Commercial Printing
Compound Hardness Shore A
118 25
218 30
Form dampening roller for semi-commercial printing
Distributor dampening roller semi-commercial printing
Very good dampening properties
Very good chemical resistance to heatset inks
Good chemical resistance to coldset inks
Good geometrical and hardness stabilities
High ageing resistance

Complementary resistance test is recommended
OEM compound for new press installations of Koenig & Bauer and MAN Roland
Particularly suitable for a predominant use of heatset inks
Not recommended for a durable use with strongly shrink inducing, vegetable oil-based coldset inks

Well-balanced chemical resistance in case of alternating use of various inks series (coldset, heatset)
Reduced expenditure for roller setting
Reduced waste paper on print start
Stable print process
High service life