Heidelberg Sheet-fed Printing Rollers
Böttcher rollers are the recommended standard for every Heidelberg Press. Böttcher has a long relationship with Heidelberg and collaborates in R&D and the design of new presses to provide the most up-to-date, technologically advanced marriage of rollers and press technology.

Heidelberg manufactures sheet-fed and web offset presses, prepress units, and machines for cutting, folding and binding publications. Since 1999 Heidelberg also develops and manufactures black-and-white digital printing presses and high-performance copiers.
Established in 1850 as a bell foundry and machine shop, Heidelberg grew to be a leading manufacturer of printing presses. In the Twentieth Century Heidelberg has evolved into a solution vendor for the printing and publishing industry covering the entire spectrum from prepress and press to postpress. They are a global player with an active presence - 24,000 employees in over 170 countries. Heidelberg has 250 sales and service offices worldwide responsible for maintaining around 400,000 Heidelberg presses, making it by far the largest sales and service network in the industry.

The goal in the Twenty-First Century is to play a leading part in shaping the future of the graphic arts industry by developing integrated solutions that merges prepress, press, and postpress into one seamless process. Böttcher is a key partner in this strategy, playing an active role in long-term R&D, some of which is not expected to produce marketable products for ten years.

Heidelberg serves a wide range of customers, from family-run operations to large corporations. Their modular components offer to any-size operation a tailored solution ranging from stand-alone products to integrated workflows. Heidelberg covers every stage of the print process chain with products and services.
We produce Rubber Rollers of all the makes of Heidelberg Like: