Goss Web Press Rollers
Böttcher supplies rollers for the full line of printers from Goss Graphic Systems. Goss is the leading supplier of web offset printing presses worldwide and the world market leader in newspaper presses. Their customers range from the largest newspapers in the world to regional commercial printers. Most of the well-known newspapers, magazines and commercial products worldwide are printed on Goss presses.

Goss was founded in 1885 and has grown to a company with 3,300 employees around the world. It is an independent company headquartered in Westmont, Illinois. Engineering and manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and Asia put Goss close to its customers anywhere in the world and give the company flexibility to meet local needs. This support network assures quick service for customers from Stockholm to Singapore. Böttcher supports Goss customers with rapid delivery of rollers for Goss presses from any of Böttcher’s international warehouses.

Böttcher rollers are at the heart of Goss double-width newspaper presses designed to deliver high productivity, excellent print quality, reliable consistency, and low waste. Our rollers give smaller newspapers and magazines using Goss single-width newspaper presses exceptional flexibility without sacrificing print quality. Goss advertising-insert presses rely on Böttcher rollers to print colorful flyers using heatset or coldset inks at high speeds. And Goss has developed commercial presses, in collaboration with Böttcher engineers, to meet the rigorous production standards demanded by the catalog and magazine industry.