Newspaper Printing Rollers
Böttcher has rollers designed especially for the extreme demands of newspaper web presses. Compounds developed by Böttcher resist the shrinking caused by soy-based inks. Since Böttcher rollers shrink less, they can run longer without being reset.

As newspapers venture into color printing, they require more precision from their presses. Böttcher rollers deliver the precision needed for color printing because they are engineered to the optimum specifications of the press manufacturers.
Newspaper pressrooms with Böttcher rollers discover that their overall costs go down. Böttcher rollers last longer, performing for millions of impressions. They need to be changed less often, and give good results even after extended use. They require less maintenance and fewer adjustments and resetting. They are easier to clean and are designed for the inks, cleaning solvents, and fountain solutions in use. Presses equipped with Böttcher rollers have fewer printing problems.

Newspaper customers who have switched exclusively to Böttcher rollers have had remarkable success with improved print quality and lower operating costs.