Coating Rollers For Oil And Water Based Varnishes Sheetfed Offset Printing
High dimensional stability
If an even, thin coating film is applied with a roller, the roller must have very high dimensional stability, material homogeneity and surface standards.
Complex precision manufacture
Therefore, the coating roller is manu-factured by special production processes. To obtain the best possible surface, the roller is very finely ground or polished in a precision manufacturing process.

Before the rollers leave our production facility, they have to pass extremely strict concentricity and cylinder form tests. These are required to ensure that the coat can be applied respectively dosed evenly and thinly.
Chemical resistance
As with other rollers from BÖTTCHER, materials specifically developed for the application are used. Coverings are avai-lable for a wide variety of coatings and solvents. Their chemical resistance gives the rollers long-term dimensional stability.
Mechanical resistance
One of the main features of these high mechanical resistance materials is their good deformation recovery. This prevents the edge marks on the roller which often occur during spot coating and affect subsequent coating applications.
Long life
The chemical resistance and good defor-mation recovery ensure a long life time of the coating roller.