S 3010
Fountain solution additive for a broad range of applications in sheet-fed offset printing. Ideally suited for reduction of alcohol to 6-8% (vol.). In solutions with a concentration of 2.5 - 4%, it can be used for medium to hard water. Reduces build-up of paper dust on ink rollers and improves drying. The product is corrosion inhibited and approved by press manufactures.
Fountain Solution Additive

BöttcherFount S-3010+ is a fountain solution additive for sheet-fed offset and continuous form printing.
use at a concentration of 2 - 4 %
for IPA-reduction to 6 - 8 %
very stable ink-/water-balance
reduced water pick-up of the ink, therefore higher ink densities obtained
fast start-up and stable printing for long runs
for water hardness 8 - 25° dH (total hardness)
pH-value 4.8 - 5.0 (depending on water hardness)
reduced calcium deposits on ink rollers
suitable for UV and Hybrid inks as well as special inks containing metallic pigments
corrosion inhibited
minimises build-up of paper dust and ink on the blanket
suitable for CTP plates
effective plate protection during press stops
suitable for copper rollers
increased conductivity per % input: 420 μS/cm
density 1.10 (kg/l)

Before applying B÷ttcherFount S-3010+, the fountain system must be completely emptied and cleaned thoroughly, preferably using B÷ttcherPro Hydroclean.

Use B÷ttcherPro Calcit as a re-hardener for RO and soft water.

30 kg can
200 kg container

BöttcherFount S-3010+ is classified according to EC-Directive 199/45/EC- in its latest version- and does not need to be marked. BöttcherFount S-3010+ is not a dangerous good in the sense of national and international transport regulations.