Komori Sheet-fed Printing Rollers
Komori is a company well known for innovations in applied technology. Komori's vision has brought the art and science of printing together in automated systems that equal the best for speed, quality and performance. Bottcher rollers are important to Komori’s success, an essential component in their efforts to maintain the highest standards.

Komori began in Japan in 1923 as a manufacturer of printing machines and evolved to become a global manufacturer and supplier of pressroom automation to customers in over 60 countries. Komori manufactures printing systems for sheet-fed and web offset production, gravure and flexographic packaging, and the printing of securities and currency.

Komori has always been proud of its innovation for offset presses. In the 1950s Komori was a full decade ahead of its competitors with automated 1, 2 and 4-color presses. Shortly thereafter Komori introduced the first 6-color press. Komori’s extensive R&D led to the development of successful products such as the Lithrone series of sheet-fed presses and Komori's pioneering press automation systems. By 1989 Komori had perfected the completely Automatic Make Ready (AMR) System. Komori followed AMR with the introduction of completely Automatic Plate Changing (APC) as well as Semi-Automatic Plate Changing (S-APC) in 1990.

Komori's carries the innovation of the printing systems into the 21st century. Their global organization involves customers and strategic partners such as Bottcher in research and development and the development of sophisticated conventional and digital printing systems.
Lithrone 26
Lithrone 28
Lithrone 40
SII 28
Sprint 26