Roller Programme

Exchange rollers

Böttcher offers the printing industry a broad range of high-tech products and services. Böttcher supplies inking rollers, dampening rollers and special-purposes rollers for all types of presses, washing and equipment-care agents as well as printing blankets. The roller exchange program is used on a world-wide scale by most sales and service departments of machine manufacturers. Böttcher offers a comprehensive all-round service that meets your every requirement.
Soon you will be able to search our entire exchange roller database for the specific product you need

What is an exchange roller?

  • A roller used in sheetfed printing
  • A roller identified in a Böttcher catalogue as suitable for a specific printing press
  • A roller equivalent to the original roller supplied by the printing press manufacturer
  • A roller with the original dimensions and the original roller covering - often even an enhanced version of the original roller covering - recommended by the printing press manufacturer
  • A roller with an original-quality roller core which may have been used previously, is fully functional and meets all of the quality standards put out by the machine manufacturer.
  • A roller that can be delivered with or without accessories
  • A roller listed in the Böttcher roller catalogue under an article number beginning with 090xxxx.

Which rollers are accepted for return and credited to the customer?

In general, all of the rollers covered by our roller exchange program Send the rollers to your local Böttcher representative or ship directly to Böttcher in Cologne. Once the rollers are received in Cologne, they are inspected with a special testing unit, which measures core diameter, total length, tolerances (e.g. cylindricity, true running) and pins. These parameters are crucial to perfect printing press operation. If the core meets these quality standards, a given amount is credited to your account. Cores that do not meet the quality standards are disposed of. No credit is given for these cores.
In other words - you can be sure that the exchange rollers you receive have new-quality cores.

What are the benefits of the Böttcher roller exchange program for you?

  • Simple, convenient ordering of rollers from the catalogue
  • Substantial time savings
  • Short delivery periods
  • Minimum roller storage space required, which means lower costs for you
  • Credit system
  • The same quality standards as original rollers, which means consistently high print quality
  • Consistently in line with the most recent technological advances
  • Guaranteed trouble-free function