Bottcherin 6600N
Blanket for heatset webs (up to 48 pages) and sheet-fed presses (paper and carton)
For the highest mechanical and chemical demands in the pressroom
Presses: Web Heatset
Packing height: In most cases, 0.02/ 0.03mm less than OEM recommendations
Substrates: Paper (coated, uncoated, LWC)
Lnks: conventional and vegetable oil-based, hybrid/UV (conditional)
Wash-up solvents: conventional and vegetable oil-based, hybrid/UV (conditional)
Micro-ground and polished printing surface, controlled roughness 0.9 – 1.2 μm
Hydrophilic surface compound especially developed for alcohol reduced (<5%) and alcohol free printing
High compressibility resulting from 3-ply construction and high content of closed cells
Pressurised compressible layer

Physical Properties
Overall hardness: 79° Shore A
Tensile strength: > 3,750 N/50 mm
Elongation at 500N/50 mm: < 2 %
Gauge loss at tensioning and running: < 2 %
Indentation at 100N/cm²: 0.14 mm (7.1 %)
Indentation at 200N/cm²: 0.23 mm (11.7 %)

Physical Properties
Well balanced halftone and solid quality
Excellent ink release for minimum ink build-up and/or ink back-trapping from previous units
Excellent resistance to excess-pressure (wrap-arounds, web changes, edge cuts, etc.)
Low energy loss in the time, extended service life

Fabrics: 3
Compressible layer: Closed cells, pressurised
Identification lines: 2 x blue
Colour: Green
Finish: Ground and polished
Roughness (Ra): 0.9 – 1.2 μm
Micro hardness: 63° Shore A
Nominal gauge: 1.96 mm (+/- 0.02 mm)
Gauge uniformity per blanket of max. 1 m²: +/-0.015 mm