Ink Rollers UV-Drying Inks Sheetfed / Continuous Form Printing
Böttcher-Grades Hardness in Shore A
715 25
725 40
724 40
728 40
726 40
Chemical Resistance
Inks and washing solutions for conv-entional printing and media for UV-printing are completely different in their chemical characteristics and consequently, their effect on rubber materials. In order to ensure, that interactions between rubber and contact media are kept as low as possible, materials tailored to the require-ments of each individual case are needed. If roller coverings are not adjusted correctly to contact media like ink and washing solution, geometrical changes will occur an even setting of the rollers is not possible anymore.
Dimensionally Stable Materials for UV-Printing
For pure UV-printing, special materials on EPDM-basis were developed, solving com-mon problems in UV-printing like swelling, shrinking or stickiness of rollers. Depen-ding on their respective position, these specialised materials are offered in dif-ferent hardness degrees.
For sheetfed offset the compounds 715 25 and 725 40 are recommended. Compound 715 25 is mainly used as inking form roller.
Web offset (Continuous form printing)
Particularly in continuous form printing, rollers are, due to their low diameters, exposed to high dynamic loads. In order to avoid rollers heating up excessively during runs, a highly dynamic Material, compound 724 40 was developed. Low temperatures in the inking systems help to reduce the generation of ink mist, thus creating constant production printing conditions.
Tube and Can Printing
In tube and can printing (letterset), UV-inks are used in many instances, which, differ from inks for sheetfed or web offset printing with respect to their effect on rubber rollers. The material 728 40 is optimally tuned to these conditions, thus ensuring a particularly high geometric stability.
UV-Inks Containing Metallic Pigments
Metal pigmented UV-inks (e. g. gold, silver) may contain dispersion media with frac-tions of mineral oil, which cause swelling of the EPDM-materials. A remedy for such cases are materials destined for dual purpose applications with change-over from UV to conventional printing, e. g. material 171 25 or 471 38.
Above named materials can be cleaned with common cleaners for UV-printing. The Böttcher washes Feboclean UV and Böttcherin Offset-UV are particularly re-commended. Böttcher cleaning agents prevent any damage to the rollers.

These materials are not suitable for conventional printing and not resistant against oils or other hydrocarbons. Even short contacts cause extreme swelling and the roller is destroyed.