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Prnting Aids  
BottcherPro- (Cleanfix)

Cleaning paste for inking rollers; prevents accumulation of dirt deposits and glazing if used regularl. Chemical and physical action ensures thorough cleaning into material pores. Ideal for cleaning between colour changes from dark to light inks. BottcherPro Cleanfix is packaged in tubes for easy, economical application.

BottcherPro- (Calciumfix)

Cleaning gel for removal of stubborn calcium deposits on inking rollers. The original ink transfer properties are restored. Regular use (once a week) helps prevent accumulation of calcium deposits. BottcherPro Calciumfix is packaged in tubes for easy, economical application.
Faboclean- (RE)

Cleaning paste for inking rollers; prevents ink ingredient deposits build-up if used regularly. Packaged in tubs.

BottcherPro- (Rol-O-Past)

Cleaning and rejuvenating paste for inking rollers; for removal of stubborn deposits on older inking rollers. Occasional application on rollers removed from presses restores the ink transfer properties of glazed inking rollers.
BottcherPro- (Protecto)

VOC-free roller protection oil against dry running if rotating nonprinting inking units; particularly in rotary offset printing when printing part or narrow webs; prevents abrasion and overheating. Remains a long time on the roller surface without misting or spraying. Easy to apply form spray bottle with extended nozzle (supplied), even whilst press is running.

BottcherPro- Antifoam

Anti-foaming agent used to combat heavy foam formation within dampening water in recircultation systems.


BottcherPro- Platefix

Abrasive-free printing plate cleaner for removal of link residues; used to activate and resensitise the water-bearing layer of the printing plate.

BottcherPro-Antiskin/ Antiskin Spray

Liquid anti-skin agent for use in pump spraying unit. Prevents skin formation of printing ink in the inking unit, in ink ducts and in open ink containers. (Flash point approx. 65.C Also available in a convenient spray can.

BottcherPro- Silicone Spray

Silicone spray used to improve paper feed. Enhances the glide effect by reducing static build-up. Prevents ink deposit accumulation on peper-guiding machine components during printing and subsequent processing (e.g. folding machines).
Disposable gloves

Powder-free one-way gloves from PVC, with good short time protection against printing chemistry. Do not lead to latex allergy.

Protective gloves

Nitrile rubber medium heavy gloves. With optimum protection for use with washes for conventional links. Velour lining to enhances comfortable use.

BottcherPro- Liposol

Hand cleaning paste for removal of ink and strong industrial dirt. Based on high quality surfactants. Good skin compatibility, does not remove fatty tissue from skin (clinically tested). Economical dosage from a practical and hygienic dispenser bottle.

Hand pump

Hand pump for metal and plastic drums with different pump capacities (0.1 1/stroke or 0.25 1/stroke) and different specifications. Suitable for all Bottcher washes and lsopropanol
Spray bottles

Plastics spray bottles (1000 ml) with manually adjustable spray nozzle; option, with enlarged pipes.

Squirt bottles

Plastic squirt bottles (1000 ml) with dosage tubes.

Measuring jug

Plastic measuring jug (10000 ml), with scale in 10-ml-divisions.